10 Japanese Swear Words, Curses and Insults

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In this article, I’m going to share 10 common Japanese swear words. However, do note that I’m never encouraging the use of them. Japanese people are polite and hardly use the kind of words in public.

Having said that, it is worth learning their insults for deeper understanding of Japanese culture, such as manga and anime in which the words are often seen.

I hope this article helps you identify what words Japanese people use when insulting. Then you’ll know the meanings when you encounter them, hopefully not in real life.


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1. Temee, Kisama, Yarou

Meaning: You, Bastard

You might’ve heard “Temee てめえ”, “Kisama 貴様”, and “Yarou 野郎”  in Japanese anime and manga. These swear words are used to mean “you” in a rude way. Males might use them when they’re angry.

In some contexts, these words can be strong insults with the same nuance as “a***ole”.

Temee てめえ!
You bastard!

2. Kuso

Meaning: Sh*t, Fu*k

“Kuso クソ” is a Japanese interjection which might be easy to remember because it literally means “sh*t”. You can use this word to mean “fu*k” or “dammit” too. Normally it is not used towards someone else, but yourself to express your frustration.

(You missed a shot)
Ah kuso  あっ、クソ!
Oh sh*t!

3. Chikusyou

Meaning: Sh*t, Fu*k

“Chikusyou ちくしょう” is often used to express your irritation or annoyance in a similar way to Kuso. Literally this word means “a brute person”, but you can use it as an interjection towards yourself, meaning “sh*t” or “fu*k”.

Ite chikusyou  イテ、ちくしょう!
Ouch fu*k!

4. Baka

Meaning: Stupid

“Baka バカ” is one of the most common offensive words in Japanese. You might’ve heard it in Japanese dramas, anime and manga. This word might not be an insult because it is used in an affectionate way in some contexts.

Baka sometimes comes with Yarou to form “Bakayarou 馬鹿野郎”, meaning “idiot”. This word can be used as an exclamation of “a***ole”.

Omae hontou baka dana  お前、本当バカだな。
You’re so stupid.

5. Aho

Meaning: Stupid

“Aho アホ” is similar expression to Baka to mean “stupid”. This word is not always used as an insult because some people use it in a friendly way, especially in a part of the western region of Japan. Personally, Aho sounds a bit milder than Baka.

You can say Bakayarou to mean “idiot” as mentioned, but Aho almost never comes with Yarou.

Kare ha aho dane  彼はアホだね。
He’s so stupid.

6. Dasai

Meaning: Unfashionable, Not cool

You can say “Dasai ダサい” to describe people’s looks and actions. This curse word is used towards someone who looks unfashionable or does something uncool.

The abbreviation forms of Dasai are “Dasa ダサ” and “Dasee ダセエ”, which sound more slangy. They are often used by Japanese young adults.

Ano huku dasa  あの服、ダサ。
That outfit is not cool.

7. Uzai

Meaning: Annoying

You can say “Uzai うざい to describe someone or something that is annoying you. Uzai is short for the Japanese word “Uzattai うざったい” which means “annoying”. The shortened form is relatively a new offensive word spread by Japanese teenagers in the 1980s. The abbreviation form is “Uzee うぜえ”.

Uzai can be one of the most offensive words as it has caused many school bullying problems in Japan.

Aitsu majide uzai  あいつ、マジでうざい。
He is really annoying.

You can check the meaning of “Majide” here.

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8. Shine

Meaning: Die

Although this is the same spelling as an beautiful English word, “Shine 死ね” is a directly offensive word, which means “die”. You can often hear this curse word said by villains in Japanese anime and manga.

Shineeee  死ねぇぇぇ!!

9. Kimoi

Meaning: Creepy, Gross, Disguising

“Kimoi キモイ” is the abbreviation of “Kimochi warui 気持ち悪い”, which means “bad feeling.” You can say Kimochi warui when you feel sick, but the abbreviation is normally not for the situation. Kimoi is used to describe something or someone that gross you out. This word can be a highly offensive insult when it is used to describe people.

Kore kimoi yone これ、キモイよね?
This is gross, isn’t it?

10. Busu

Meaning: Ugly

“Busu ブス” is another highly offensive word which refers to “an ugly woman”. It can be used to curse females.

The male counterpart is “Buotoko ブ男”, but it is not used as often as Busu.

Kono busu  この、ブス!
You’re so ugly!


As a reminder, I don’t recommend you use these insult words when visiting Japan. Hopefully, you’ll use this article as a reference to satisfy your interest in the aspect of Japanese culture.


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